Sunday, March 10, 2013

Artifacts and Alchemy #3: The Art of What Not to

Closet space, you may have read here, is at a premium in my house.

I cleaned out clothing, shoes, scarves and jewelry.  As in, the things I hate, never wear, want to wear but should never due to the fact that is does not button over wide shoulders...

114 items of clothing to 40

This does not count under things or a basic black t-shirt (or pj's) because frankly, you can't get dressed without that stuff.  Anything with holes or faded or thread-bare was pitched. 

I did not count the other items, but figured the clothing could be a good example of the "REALLY?" factor.  Also, I got a handle on the shoes and jewelry a while ago.  Mary Janes in warm weather, boots in cold weather.  No short necklaces, only a couple of long ones, more rings than any other type of jewelry.  I could sleep in my pile of scarves, comfortably.

What I did:
Look through all the hanging items.
Try every questionable item on.  Get rid of it if it does not fit.
Then, pull everything out of your closet (it all fits - right?)

Go through your pile AND IF:
1.  you wear it a lot (basics and standbys)
2.  it does not need repair or to be replaced 
3. you LOVE it -
Only then may you return it to your closet.  You might discover pieces you love but never wear - now is the time to make room for you to wear them.

This made the process very easy.  I had lots of things that I do not love to wear or like the way it feels or care enough to repair. 

I hung up everything that fit the 3 ifs, went downstairs to make tea, and went back upstairs and looked through and did the 3 ifs again and removed 8 more pieces. 

Colors that ended up in my closet:
Chocolate brown
Moss Green
That is interesting to me, because I really like purple, but don't have any left.
They were not my favorites.

Patterns that ended up in my closet:
Polka Dots
Textured fabric
Apparently, I like texture way more than pattern.

I have one plastic lidded tub for both "will I die without this?" and "what season is it in Michigan?" and if I find I miss these items in the tub,  I will rotate them back into the closet and get rid of what I thought I would wear.  Honestly though, there are a couple jackets, 2 summer skirts and a pair of shorts in there, so I think I will be doing OK.

I have some amazing pieces of clothing.  Given that I wear several work "hats" during the week, I need a wide selection of items to wear.  I have to dress for mess at school, style at the gallery and business, and comfort and expendable for creating. 

This is seriously a wide range.  No silk jacket for gardening or painting.  Nothing with questionable holes for the opening at the gallery on Friday night. I have finer pieces on one side, utility items (cami's) on the other and total basics (t's and stretch pants) in the middle.

Now, I have some amazing pieces of clothing to alter as assemblage textiles and art to wear - about 10 pieces saved out for this adventure.

Need a clothing challenge of your own?  Check out project333.

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