Artifacts and Alchemy

365 days

Creativity is my goal. Respect, love, and delight in my creativity as a gift for myself and to share with others. I will create with the  (already owned) materials I like {artifacts}, share what I know and learn and practice new techniques {alchemy}.  I will be using the "stuff" I discovered in my personal 2013 "make something" challenge.

2014 was a great year in clearing out, organizing and realizing I have a lot of "stuff".  Although I was unable to post photos and progress, I continued with my commitment and made great strides toward my goal of creativity, simplicity and accepting and using my artistic gifts.  The gallery is now usable as a creating space with organized business files and tables to lay-out work , accessable for creative events and art lab classes, and is sporting a new photo studio space.  10 years of clutter gone. The pictures would have been boring after box after box after box...

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