Friday, January 16, 2009


I really am here. It's true. Hi hI HI everyone!
This last autumn was stranger than life, I'm telling you.
Real life happening everywhere.

Now that many family members seem to be settled and on their way to healing from so many different medical adventures - I am back to making some art.

Sweet son of ours is in the Wizard of Oz. Mayor of the Munchkin City to be exact.
Costumes, costumes - mayor, scarecrow and three trees to go....

Love and hugs to all of you for being patient with me the last few months. I am thinking of all you creative friends. What a joy to look at what you are all doing.

Keep It Up!


Anne said...

Welcome back! Good to hear from you! :-)

Sandy..... said...

Yeah~! Ive missed you Mistie! You were on of the first blogs I started reading ...and kept reading.
Cant' wait to see your creations

notmassproduced said...

Hey Mistie - what a great surprise to get a message from you ... glad u back :o))

Anonymous said...


she's BAAAACK!

I was only thinking of you the other day, glad you can play in the virtual world again..

Emily said...

Hi there- It's my first time stopping by your blog. I think your work is fantastic. Keep it up!