Saturday, July 12, 2008


I'm working in my journal on a color lesson.
I've culled through a bunch of magazines I have and ripped out the photos/words I like. Now I'm going to make full spread pages of color, to see where my heart takes me. I use this lesson a lot with adults who tell me they can't collage. It's time to revisit it for myself. The important part of this lesson is to use only what you really like, don't settle for something because it is in front of you. Images by someone else release your fear of creating something and allow you to just look and say "hey, I like that".


1. Don't "settle". If you don't like it, don't use it.

2. No sissors, rip only.

3. Glue it to the page. It's your page, place it how you want. Over lap, rip to fit, cover up what bugs you.

4. Work with one color at a time. This helps you to "see and focus".
(you can click on the photo to see better detail)


Anonymous said...

Hi dear friend! I didnt even read your latest yet, the visual sent me right to the comments. I LOVE yellow. It is such a happy color, and your journal screams happy to me. Love the additions. I am really into texture, so I can appreciate your discomfort with anything 1 layered. I still try, and so are you. Good girl! I will now go read what you wrote, and I'm sure I'll be back with more to say. <3 Sandy

Anonymous said...

ok, so now look at who is helping who? I am going to try this this weekend. I'm going out to look for treasures this morning, and will post later of what I find. I am excited to create again. Thank you. It really helps to know fear, in different stages, is among most of us. It's not letting the fear take over.
I adore you, thanks so much!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

Very cool exercise! i did similar stuff in "color & design" in college~FUN!
and thanks for HAPPY DANCING with me! so glad to be out of the funk~

Connie said...

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I was really struggling on how to approach collage with my kiddos at school! Thank you for solving that problem!! Check!

Peace & Love.

Robin Westphal said...

great tip, I can borrow it for my art therapy group! I love the yellow - makes me think of the Coldplay song (Yellow)... which makes me cry everytime I hear it!

notmassproduced said...

lovely pages :o)

i don't know if you can receive an award twice - but i've nominated you for the award you gave me!

Thanks Mistie