Friday, July 11, 2008

Journal Page

I am afraid of drawing.

I never used to be. I use simple drawing everyday for teaching. But, I'm talking details, and taking time. Composing a picture in and of itself for the presentation of a drawing.
So that seemed a good place to start in my journal. Of course, I could never not collage in some way. So I use a bit from the Signals catalog and some words from an old school reader, plus plenty of masking tape. Sorry about the scan lines.
Connie mentioned a book to me. "Art and Fear" She said that it changed a lot of things for her. My husband carries it around and leaves it at his bedside. He said it changed a lot of things for him, and he likes to look at it to remind him of the important parts. I will have to sneak a peek at this book, since there seems to be some connections going on here with it.
And I am working on being brave. :)

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Anonymous said...

you are bursting with creativity- dont think about it twice. I love this drawing. I am having troubles with faces. I think that is why the collage came easier- it was more glueing than anything. When I first started my blog, I had plans of doing some metal work, soldering, maybe using found objects. I have the book, Semiprecious Salvage by Stephanie Lee, and am wanting to try some of the idea's. My mind seems to want to go in many directions. I just go with the flow these days. No need to force a journal if I feel like creating a piece of jewelry, right?
Keep on creating. You have a big fan in CT.
<3 Sandy