Thursday, July 24, 2008

Double Digits

My boy, boy is 10 years old today!

The time has gone by so quickly.

He was 2 weeks over due, so we had an appointment to be at the hospital at 7am in the morning.
They induced labor, and still nothing really happened until about noon. I was having labor pains and was hooked up to all these monitors. His heart kept doing all this funky stuff.

This went on until about 5pm. People were buzzing around us constantly. Finally at 5pm, the doctor put a vitals monitor directly on Zane’s little head. This is when they discovered there was no amniotic fluid. And I was contracting and his heart almost stopped completely.

I was whisked away for an emergency c-section. My poor husband was left in the room with our friend Kelly, who had gone through birthing classes with us in case he had to be out of town on a photo shoot. We had told our family to stay home, because nothing was really happening.

In 8 minutes, I was wheeled into the room, put to sleep, opened up and my baby was born. 7 pounds, 8 ounces. 19 inches long. Eyes wide open.

The umbilical cord had been tied in a knot and was tightening around itself. Zane had put his left arm through it, while in the womb, so he was stuck in place and could not be born the usual way. If his arm had not been there he would have died. The doctors had no idea how long he had been that way. We had no medical insurance at the time, so one ultra sound at 4 months was $750.00 and everything checked out ok then, which was the last look.

Zane is left handed.

Happy Birthday to you my loving, happy, funny, beautiful, smart Zane.


Anonymous said...

He's beautiful! They do grow up too fast. Cherish those moments. Noce to have a pro photographer in the house to capture these moments too!

mistie said...

Can you believe it?
Zane took this photo of himself?

steviewren said...

Oh my what a birthing story! Happy Birthday to a miracle boy!

Robin said...

What a blessing this little man is for you!

I love these kinds of stories... life is so precious and so are babies!

Christy said...

he is such a handsome boy. lucky you i say. i had all the same stuff except no cord problem but a jammed tiny little head against my tail bone. every contraction was smashing her head. sigh... my daughter was born at 5:30pm and contractions started at 7am. wild how such similar things we can experience. and i am surprised he took that picture, i thought it was posed and your dh took the photo. looks like you might have yet another photographer in the family.

anni said...

Zane reminds me of my son who is 11now. I'm so glad you have him and the doctors knew what to do! What a blessing!

Jacky said...

Beautiful birthing story and a gorgeous little boy. What a lovely photo.......

Jacky said...

p.s. just read that Zane took this photo of himself... thats amazing. You would swear a professional photographer had taken it.

Tell Zane he is a wonderful photographer.