Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quote Journal

I couldn't stand it. I had to make a journal that I could put quotes in. Above is the cover.
The words on the outside are "word garden". I just love that. So many possibilities.
It is really limiting to sit and read and not have some place to write down the things that stand out as significant. I can't do it. I have to stop reading and look for paper. Finding something to write with, in my house, without going to my art room, is impossible. This journal makes it easier for my obsessive compulsion to write those things down, and, where my working journal is 9x12, this one is half that size and much easier to carry around with me. I feel relief. I can quote the Wicked Witch. That's important to me. So...now I have a journal for art and a journal for words. Hmm. Can I stop there?
Working. Working. Working. I have six weeks before school starts up. Isn't strange how everything gets done faster in your head than it does in life? Before I get back to the students this is what I want to do:
  1. finish/send bird collage cards to atc swap
  2. finish piece for art guild show
  3. final touches on renovated bathroom (long story - I'll post before and afters for that)
  4. Open Etsy store
  5. Marketing plan for DLP fine art
  6. finish organizing art room
  7. finish cleaning out closet
  8. redo son's room
  9. outline lesson plans for incoming students
In the meantime, work in journal daily, read my book list, and play with son as much as possible.
Not much to do there. No sir.


purplecat said...

yeh open an etsy store is on my to do list too!

Connie said...

Lists...that's a good idea. I need to make a list too before school gets a movin'!! Your journal cover is beautiful. I get a kick out of you--making all your different journals!! Love it!

Peace & Love.

Sandy..... said...

I've often thought of doing a quote journal....now you've got my mind twirling~!
I've recently started my first art journal in an 8.5 x 11 and find it difficult having soooo much space to work with, especially for my firt.
So...I bought my firt Molkeskine..and it's sitting there..blank..yelling my name! (and i don't want to "drop" the art journal I stated..) so...
Yeah! A quote journal. Yeah!! I think I will... lol

notmassproduced said...

Mistie - your to do list and my to do list are scarily similar! I even have the bathroom on my list too! I love the cover you have done for your book and 'word garden' is such a cool name. Do you need another book for lists? ;O)

XUE said...

pretty cover! I do like the colours you've used.

Robyn said...

My quote books give me endless joy. I think I'm onto my 4th....and there are still thousands more quotes worth recording.