Friday, March 26, 2010

Thinking Outside the Box to support our program

Thinking Outside the Box: Advocating for Kids and Families
Silent Art Auction Art Show, March 19 2010

Building on our relationship and experience of the previous year, we approached the artwork dor this auction as a team of artists working together to create veautiful, professional container pieces that could generate a fair amount of monies for the groups involved.

This project included 38 students working for a total of 10 days in March. The students produced 63 pieces of fired ceramic work. We chose 41 pieces to be exhibited in the auction art show. Each piece was sold. The total raised was $625.00

We worked in teams of students to learn about production as a group. One student would paint the interior and another would paint the exterior. One student would draw a scene with a pencil and another student would paint the scene. Then, another student would over-glaze the enire piece. This created a great environment of mutual support, mentoring between students, and allowed us to create more work in a shorter period of time.

We also produced a set of marketing tags, using computer design software to label and explain our artwork.

The response to our items was tremendous!!

I am so proud!!

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