Monday, February 25, 2013

Bring on Spring ArtWorx Project

Everyone is tired of snow and being cold. 
No big suprise as it is the end of February and we've had below freezing temperatures.

One of our teachers picked the theme of "Pink" for this week and this project I originally found on Pinterest and found the easy directions at Alphamom seemed to be just what we all needed to Think Pink - and Spring!  Everyone could do this project with simple one-step directions.

Photos of our supplies and process:

(Please pardon me, I did not remove the labels on all items)                                          

Pink and Black Tempera
I cut these down to make them easier for small hands to use them. 
We also used a green bottle with the Mountain Dew label.  
The bottoms of the green ones made the best flowers, so the students waited and shared them.
White Kraft Paper

In Progress!

Photos copyright 2013 Mistie K. Jordan. 

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