Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Stuff I Might Use: Artifacts and Alchemy #4

To Catch Up...
Son ( 14.5) having weird allergy-like reactions every other day.  Hives.  Puffy hands.  Puffy lips.
Son to doctor.  Hmmm.????  Epipen available.
Son to Allergist to figure out what is going on. 
Autoimmune Urticaria.  Okay.  Not life threatening like some werid food allergy.
Son to New York City for 4 day visit.

Back on track...
Diving into my piles of artifacts at school - ArtWorx.
People are very kind and donate a lot of left over paints.
Some useful.  Some we practice with.

Going through the piles and getting rid of dried out, old smelly paint.
25 shelves ...

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