Saturday, June 21, 2008


Funeral today.

My mom said to me once, "Why is the word 'fun' in funeral?"

My eyes hurt from crying. I have a headache. My heart is full of emotion and my head is full of memories.

It was the best funeral I've ever been to. I mean really, since we have to go. And since you are sitting there in pain and watching people you love be in pain and you do wonder how long it will go on for them, and you wonder what are they thinking right now while this guy who doesn't even know their son is talking and saying things about Jesus instead of their son.

But it was different. It was beautiful. They played his music - the music he listened to everyday, and sang to us everyday and danced to everyday. And everyone that spoke, knew him. Knew him so they could tell stories and help us remember and help us laugh through our sadness to the special part of us that can relax and say, "Oh, and remember when he, and how he, and didn't he just love...!"

Forgiveness. Love. Imagination. Happiness.

"Will everyone be there?"
Yes they were Sean. Yes they were.


Robin Westphal said...

Sorry for the loss. Sounds very tragic. I'm happy to hear he was so loved and had such a positive effect on people. Gives one lots to think about. I enjoyed your blog.

mistie said...

Thank you Robin :)
Nice of you to visit.