Monday, July 28, 2008


Feeling a little weird these last few days. Been ill, so not a lot of art work to show.
Thinking about work, only four weeks and back to school. And about art work. I always do this when I'm really liking something I'm working on.

I like to do so many things. Is it a blessing or a curse to be able to do many things? I am an art chameleon. My entire life I have been able to design and produce for others on demand.
In college, I was a theater major, but a design major, not an actor. Props, and stage and costume. More college, and I was in graphic design and photography. Now I design lesson plans so anyone can do art and I get to plan my artistic day around the needs of people who want to learn everything they can about art. ( and it is gloriously fun, I might add.)

So, now I am in my groove and I worry. Am I neglecting this other skill? I haven't sewn anything, or made any paper, or constructed an assemblage piece. How do I decide which one is worthy to work on when they all make me happy? Why do I have to feel so scattered when I am in the midst of having a ball and learning something?

Already the shooting stars were falling; some, quite near. Others continued over the Mire and on to the Deepwoods beyond. While one - shining more brightly than the rest - went on further than the professor could even see.

"Curious,' he whispered. The wind howled and the tower creaked. 'Very Curious.'
--The Edge Chronicles


Anonymous said...

I think letting go of the pressure you put on yourself. I know from experience, it can make you crazy. Do the first thing that comes to mind. If you get bored, move on. No stress. We can call it organized chaos. That is my life in a nutshell. Not with art, but in my thinking process for sure. I keep taking myself back to basics. Simplicity is my lifes motto now. I am so excited to see how things unfold. Erica has recommended updating my vision board. I have been concentrating on these specific things, I really dont know what more I could want. Thanks for your kind words. Chat with you soon.
<3 Sandy

nollyposh said...

Lol! I know how you feel... I feel this way ALL the time! and currently have a mixed media album on tha go and 5x dollies ready to assemble (sew) and a half painted little sketch... and more ideas just busting to get out of my head... wOw! Now all l need to do is direct it constructively (AND still get the housework done!!! Which reminds me at the moment l'm chatting to you my vacume cleaner is 1/2 way through the floor cleaning, my linen closet is open with a pile of sheets next to it and l have a pile of books to go back to the library AND on top of all that... WHAT's for dInNeR!!!)... sighhhhh... wIsH l could just play all day instead! x

notmassproduced said...

Hooray! i'm not the only one like this :o) Sticking to one thing (or even 10 things is just not me) but i know what it feels like when you've got your fingers in lots of pies and you wonder if you should just stick to one thing. I've just started another blog where I'm just going to concentrate on my mixed media art leaving me on this blog to just be me and explore everything! Mistie the opposite problem would be that you had creative block and that would be much worse. I like seeing your vibrant mix of work - just keep being yourself :o))