Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank you.

Thank you to Miss Carol for giving me this award.

How very kind. It really perked me up today to find it.

I received this award recently from Miss Vicki, but I see it disappeared off of my blog. Hmm. I would like to re-post my list of those blogs, because I still feel very strongly about each of them. And I would like to encourage everyone to visit the blogs of the people who are participating in the soul journal "Challange" being provided by Sarah Whitmire. It is a blast. Great ideas, and nice people.

this disordered life - by notmassproduced for amazing photos, journals and continued visits of help and support.
art for houswives - by Cynthia for amazing, amazing interest of recycling items into beauty.
Annette's Art - who has just started sharing her art with us bloggers and it is a delight to me.
Suzi Blu - who has received this many times - but I can't help it. She is the reason I started to believe in myself again and started a blog in the first place. So no Suzi, no award.
Path2Self - by Sandy, for posting honestly and giving me the courage to overstep my fears and I have now started a journal too. I love to read her posts.
Lonecrow Art and Collage - by Laura who is an artist, teacher and all around interesting to read blogger.
Reform - Tricia North. I love this blog. Love it. She is so down to earth and her photos are breathtaking.

Thank you everyone, for your continued support and ongoing inspiration. You are all a delight to behold.


nollyposh said...

Thanks Chickie it's a great list X:-)

notmassproduced said...

Hi Mistie - thanks for the nomination again - your support is amazing :o)) I wondered if it is ok to add a link to your blog on mine?