Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tidy Up

I am cleaning up my art room. It really is a fun job. But I find I get distracted. A lot.
I keep finding things that remind me of shows I worked on or collages I want to make because of this really cool old piece of paper I found.

This is a mask I made for a production of the "King and I". It is papier-mâché and painted. I love to make masks. I did some for a ballet version of "Peter and the Wolf" (felt) and also and vocal production of "The Lion King"(foam and felt).

My room is very small and it is just loaded with stuff. I'd like to have my regular table for working but set up an area to leave my sewing machine out so I could just move over to it...I'm not sure this will work. I am moving things around, and getting rid of some things to try it out. I also need to scrub the paint out of the bathroom sink today. opps. I'll take some before and after photos so I can show you.

As usual, I am trying to finish the basement, working with my son to organize his room so we can clean and paint and build him a bed loft and oh, I'll organize my art room too. And journal. hehe.

Never a dull moment around here.


notmassproduced said...

you sound like you are having a very busy holiday!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I am nesting... like we did when we were pregnant- cleaning, organizing. I think, for me, I am preparing for the next part of my journey. From all the organizing, I think my days ahead look busy. Busy doing what I love. Cant beat that.
The loft idea sounds great. have fun with it all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, Mistie, I have already added you to my blog list as I instantly had rapport, you know how that is? Yes, the bits hanging around are catalysts for future art... not :bits". Perhaps its a never ending struggle... gorgeous partner is grumbling about kitchen shelves full of art books.. while raiding my found object stash...

anni said...

I need to clean up my art room too! I am just grateful to have an art room.
I am spending today putting up wallpaper in my daughter's room, a long ago promise that I need to fulfill.

I love your mask.