Saturday, February 2, 2013

Upon the return to the blog...and the soul searching stuff

Photo by Michael D-L Jordan.  2011.

It would be difficult to recount all the things that have happened over the last year or so. 
I could write for ages and never, ever give a full account of the craziness, wonderfulness, cry-till-you-throw-up-ness of the whole thing.

So.  The gallery supports itself.  I teach art during the week.  I adore my family.

I will be 46 years old this month.  I've begun for the first time to write in a journal on a regular, but not daily, basis.  This works very well to get rid of the stress and also I seem to remember that I have actually written a to-do list in there.  For a time in my life, I felt for some reason that keeping everything in separate journals was the "pure" way to do things.  A journal for quotes and a journal for sketches and a journal for the daily stuff.  The reality is that does not work and I can't remember to keep everything divided up, so it all goes into one and I separate it out every couple of weeks as the mood strikes me.

When I say separateI mean I highlight and scribble and pick out the good stuff to use for the gallery, or an art lesson, or a sculpture.  The rest is rubbish, but it's good to know there are usable ideas roaming around in my head.

The journal mentioned returning to the blog.  That is a usable idea.  I warn you that while I am equipped with a camera phone and the need to do good in the world, both remain a little blurry and undefined.

Here is what I know:
I can post knowledgeable information about art tools and techniques, stories about running a gallery, instructions for messy school art projects and TMI about my personal art path. 


Sandy..... said...

I myself, have not blogged in {embarassed}.... umm... 2 years? But I stil follow all my regulars. Welcome back~!
After saying I've followed you forever.... I DID NOT reaize you are from Owosso. (or even MI for that matter). I have extended family in Owosso and my husband plays country music in Owosso OFTEN! haha.... funny.
Anyway, now that I've rambled, Happy Blogging!

Mistie K. Jordan said...

Hi Sandy :) Good to see you after so much time. Thank you for your faith in me and for sharing about our connection in the world. Wow!!

Tom Cook said...

Glad your back to your blog. It must be in the ether, because early this morning I said to myself "time to get outside, on with the journey, and back to the blog." I have not posted since October (sigh).

Mistie K. Jordan said...

Thanks Tom :)
You have a much better track record than I do over the last months. I'll look forward to looking in on you!