Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I started a journal. I've wanted to for so long and I've finally have done it. Eric Maisel suggests writing your autobiography in about 2500 words (like I am so interesting) any way you want as a beginning to opening your creativity. So anyway I want includes putting it into a journal that I can scribble in or make pretty or sew in like SuziBlu girl. And let's face it, there is nothing like the tactile experience of paper and paints and art stuff. Oh...and fabric. Please don't forget fabric.

I never started because I kept thinking it always had to be beautiful and perfect and just right. Bah! Bah! I say. The few pages I've done have been fun and liberating. Thank you Sandy friend. I also kept getting bogged down in the idea that I need a journal for art, and a writing journal, and a quote journal, and a clippings journal, and a technique journal....

Okay, I am just not that organizied. One journal is good for everything. Really. Then I never have to wonder where I put that one special thing. How exhausting! It was just an excuse not to start a journal and just to collect all the ones I was going to start one day.


Anonymous said...

I cant believe how much alike we are! I have created my two pages, but still havent written in it. I have to keep reminding myself, it doesnt have to be perfect. Maybe thats just who I am? I dont know. I tend to like things neat, but I'm so NOT a neat person. What a goof I am....... lol. Thanks for coming by my blog. I love yours! Chat soon.

DeeDee said...

I have several journals, but it has built up over the years. One for notes to myself in the studio, one for quotes and one is a visual diary. Actually, I have two visual diaries, one isn't really a diary more of a journal for sketches for paintings. The second one more experimental. I think those two will merge.They are pretty addictive.
I am glad you liked my post and found it heartfelt rather than preachie; lol.

Connie said...

I've read Eric Maisel's books too! The last one of his I read was Deep Writing...that's a good one. I from time to time go back to his Creativity Book when I'm feeling in a slump.

Have you read any of Natalie Goldberg's work? "Writing Down the Bones" and "Wild Mind: Living the Writer's Life" are two awesome books that I go back to again and again. Natalie Goldberg is an awesome individual...and she comes to Sedona, AZ every year for a workshop...and this year I'm going!!!

Another great book I read long time ago is called "Art and Fear", I don't remember who it is by. But that book really changed my life in many ways. It will tell you that your whole struggle with what journal to use or what materials and all those other blah blah blah things we worry about as artists is just fear. Good book. Highly recommend it.

Peace & Love.

Jessie said...

oooooh! what a beautiful image!!

you know, i made a really pretty journal this past year and i loved it! but it was so much work to keep it pretty! and so now i have a schedule journal, a writing journal, AND my pretty journal...oh yeah, and my blog. haha! oh the life of journaling! :)-

i also wanted to say thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my be brave post. it means a lot to me. i'm so glad that you will be joining in. here's to big adventures!! and little ones too. ;)