Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Drawing and Yoga

I am drawing! It is so fun. I am feeling better about it. More relaxed and like I remember how to do it again. Although she seems to have misplaced her ear...

Michael says she looks sad. I have no idea why she does.

Yoga yesterday and I have homework now. Stretching and spine poses. It was really wonderful. Can't wait for next week.


Carol said...

She is sad, but lovely, so serene and elegant. love the colouring. love carol t

Anonymous said...

I love, LOVE, love your drawing. Will you do one of me?
I am speachless. It's gorgeous!!!
So glad you enjoyed your yoga class- the love will continue to grow...... Awesome drawing

Anonymous said...

the lost ear is what gives it charm.. like the use of the phone book page, makes a great a background.

Mary S Hunt said...

introspective, medatative ...but not sad
she looks as if she is taking a moment to herself
like you are for drawing again

she is however..fabulous

Linda said...

Hi Mistie...I've just spent an enjoyable half hour or so going through your blog. I found it interesting what you said about being hung up on 'pretty and perfect'and having to push yourself to play with concepts and techniques. I am exactly the same. I've just done pages 3 and 4 and I don't know whether I can show them because they don't conform to my ideals. I am very self-critical. But what you have said has helped me, and Sarah is helping me, of course.
Must say before I go.... I absolutely ADORE your Suziblu style picture - oh, I wish I had done that!
Enjoy your yoga - I've been doing it for many years (I particularly love the breathing exercises).
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Love Linda

Iris said...

I like her. Add a set of headphones and that's what I look like when I'm absorbing a nice relaxing song.

I love that you did this on a phone book page too. I literally have 8 outdated phone books at work right now that I've been planning on bringing home to use for artwork stuffs. Glad to see I'm not the only one with the idea since I was feeling a little loopy over it.


Robyn said...

She is lovely and serene. The phone book page adds extra charm. I love it!