Monday, July 20, 2009

The Art Room and The Promise

Ok. So I have started to clean the art room again.

I am inspired to work, work, work - but there is so much crap in my room that I have to sit at the kitchen table to do anything. Then I have to keep walking upstairs to get that one thing, dig through the mess to find the one thing and then come back downstairs. This is cramping my style. This is making me want to give up.
I have a commission for goodness sake. Get with it Grl. People want your work.
After working in there for a bit, I have decided something that will come as a huge suprise to all of you. I have way too much stuff. What was I going to do with it anyway? I keep finding little quests I started. I keep finding good intentions. Hrrummph.

Sometimes I have trouble deciding which art I will work on. I love fiber, and assembleage and collage. In technical speak, this means I can't bear to throw anything away. It also means that friends give me things that they can not bear to throw away. (Thank you dear Friends - I really do love all of it.)

You are witness to my promise.

I am working through the room. I am selling and giving and sharing and taking to school. Then, other than glue - I am not allowed to add to my stash until I have gone through and found a use for my items. All of it. Fabric, do-dads, and rusted stuff.


Linda said...

Hello Mistie...its good to be in touch again.
I think I should join you and make a similar promise. (Trouble is, I get such an incredible kick out of buying art and craft materials!)
I'm glad you like my new workshop drawings...can't wait for week 2!

notmassproduced said...

are u my twin sister or something? This is me me me! I have just sorted out a mountain range of excess to go to the charity shop and will be doing it again tomorrow. AND literally seconds before I read this post I was pondering how I just cannot stick to one thing..I have materials for textiles (and not just one kind of textiles), collage, painting, jewellery making, printmaking, photography, I could go on......

I am with you sister!